Listen to the episode on the No1 podcast show in Sweden. Where the future of leadership, space tourism and the challenges ahead are discussed. (Swedish only) Säljpodden

Listen to Mia on the Podcast ”Have we gone to Mars yet” where she shares her future visions for Space, the Spaceport at Esrange in Kiruna and the industry. She also talks about the responsibility we all carry in the future expansions of humanity beyond Earth.Episode 19. Are we grasping the opportunities in Space?

Heja Framtiden Podcast, the one that gives a new perspective on the challenges we face in society, business and in life. The need of a bold leadership are discussed, and they also touches down on subjects like politics, structure and innovation. (Swedish only) Heja Framtiden

Read the portrait of Mia in the blogpost at Finca Solmark. She shares her views on the opportunities and challenges in the post pandemic, and also her thoughts on the future of humanity.Link to article: Portrait Mia Kleregård

Trygghetsrådet, a Swedish governmental foundation within the redundancy industry sat out to research and create a report about the Future of Work. Mia is interviewed and featured as one of the experts. (Swedish only) TRR_FramtidensArbetsliv